What is a Healthy Relationship?

Healthy Relationships

People in a healthy relationship:

  • Can be themselves

  • Bring out the best in each other

  • Support each other

  • Don’t attempt to change or control each other

  • Trust one another

  • Have fun together and are comfortable with each other

  • Respect each other’s decisions, feelings and thoughts

  • Are honest with each other and themselves

  • Are willing to compromise and work together

  • Accept the good and the bad

  • Can talk to each other openly without ridicule

Taken from ‘Living with Love’, Centacare Geraldton, Geraldton Sexual Assault Resource Centre.

Self Esteem

Your self-esteem is the value you give yourself. The way others treat you can affect your self-esteem.

Things that can help you build your self-esteem include:

  • Don’t be hard on yourself or focus on mistakes

  • Don’t blame yourself for the way other people act

  • Focus on positive things such as:

– Things I have done that make me proud

– What I like about myself

– What my favourite things are

– Some things I would like to do in my life


  • You are important
  • You don’t have to match up to anyone else’s standards except your own
  • You have the right to express your racial or cultural beliefs
  • You deserve love and respect


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